This is the only place you will be able to find fanfiction by Thememoriesfire.


This is a link to her Glee stories, but she has a few stories for Skins and Jossverse too.

Where to start:

Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed

Ten part Pezberry Epic. The series follows Santana for the next 3 years and covers, loosely, her coming out process in junior year of high school (Five Stages), her last year of high school and her hang-ups on Brittany (The Lights That Stop Me), her freshman year of college in New York, in which she tries to move on with her life (Blind With Casualties), and her sophomore year in college, during which time she actually moves on (We Started Secret Plans).

I’ve Been Trying To Reach You

Faberry AU world flip. After falling pregnant in sophomore year, Quinn Fabray plummets from the top of the teen hierarchy at McKinley High to the very bottom. In an effort to give her a chance to start over, her parents transfer her to Carmel, a private school in the area with a blossoming arts program. It’s supposed to be a new beginning, but what she doesn’t count on is immediately becoming enemies with the most popular girl in school: Rachel Berry, co-captain of Vocal Adrenaline. 

These Strange Steps

aka And isn’t this just where you like me.  Faberry.  Canon through season 2. Rachel, bottoming out completely, is doing a show in Vegas and, as a distraction from her life, gets dragged to a strip club by Puck. She hasn’t seen Quinn in 8 years. This isn’t how she wanted them to see each other again. Warning: D/s overtones.

Links to Download Unfinished Works

Assured of Certain Certainties (Up to chapter 64)

The Mating Game

Assorted Extras

And isn’t this exactly where you’d like me - The original version of TSS

tmf: on Quinn & stripping

Q_day7playlist — meant to go with the Hanukkah gifts in Chapter 35 from TSS, for the curious (just and image)

TSS_drabble4 — a short backstory on Rachel and how she came out to her friends from high school

A Thousand Julys Outline— the plan for the sequel to IBTTRY

Check out the Google Drive for more download links and extras, including a mobi version of AoCC through Chapter 65 and Greet Death!