Friday, October 10, 2014

Anonymous said: okay, since the world TMF created with TSS was so unbelievably compelling (and i'm talking about all drafts and iterations) i am now completely obessed with the dynamic between quinn and rachel. How can I possibly make the switch to her other epic that centers on santana and rachel? i truly want to let go and enjoy it but i'm having trouble letting go of the deep place tmf took us all to in a sister out? opinions? thoughts?

I get this.

I mean, I basically had the same issue. I read TSS and was like, “Yup. This is it. No other fic can compare.” And so, for a very long time, I didn’t even consider reading ECFC—especially since it dealt with pairings I was not particularly partial to.

But here’s the thing: When I started this blog, people would want to talk to me about ECFC, some referring to it as her “master work” (if their can be such a thing). So I found myself in this position where I had to trust that ECFC was going to be just as satisfying and fascinating and compelling as TSS, and just go for it. Because, honestly, how could I run a TMF appreciation blog without reading ECFC?

With this said, I read TSS and ECFC about a year or so apart. I had also went through and read a lot of TMF’s smaller stories at this point which kind of took me out of the TSS mindset.

Still, I found parts of ECFC frustrating because I was not used to reading Quinn straight and basically wanted Faberry to happen even though I knew it wouldn’t (but can you blame me?).

But bottom line: you’ve got to trust, not only that ECFC is good and will be enjoyable, but that it will take you to just as deep of a place as TSS, if not deeper because of how much more thorough and complete ECFC is as a story in comparison to TSS. 

(When you do start reading it: I actually wrote chapter reactions on my personal blog after an Anon requested it, if you’re interested.)

(Also, not that it matters, but is this the same Anon from yesterday?)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Anonymous said: has anyone ever compiled every song in these strange steps? the spotify playlist for IBTTRY is LIFE and i just want more :)

Oooh, good question!

Has anybody done it?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rachel’s coming out

Ok, so I’m a little slow on the uptake and never read this before today, but it just occurred to me that the tmf_Drabble4 piece is a prequel drabble on how Rachel came out in TSS. How did I not know this?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Anonymous said: Hi there, what is the name to the TSS sequel. I'm kind of looking blind in the drop box. Thanks

There is not a direct sequel to TSS.  However, there is Psychology of the Unconscious, which is more of a spin-off/different point of view than a sequel.

You may also be thinking of the original form of TSS, And Isn’t This Exactly Where You’d Like Me, which is different from TSS in several ways, but the original concept—Rachel discovers that Quinn is a stripper—is the same.

Hope this helps!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Anonymous said: Is there a sequel to TSS?

Nope. That’s why Faberry post-TSS is so interesting to discuss.  It ends in such an ambiguous way, anybody’s interpretation is a good one.

I will, however, offer you this.  Consider it an alternate perspective on TSS.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

So remember when TMF put that preview to the sequel of TSS on her tumblr?


You can now find it in the Tumfslove dropbox.  Here.

Thanks again to the lovely seriouslyaskew!

I’ll put a permanent link in the Works section shortly.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

altarsex said: That is a good point, but I think maybe Rachel dislikes asparagus because, well, she IS a vegan, and with so many vegetables on earth, surely there's one she doesn't like? Even people who love meat (like me) have certain meats that just aren't appealing to them. I, for one, do not like ham. It's tolerable, sometimes, but most times (especially when it's cold) I would prefer to eat something else.

This is a very valid point.

I suppose the antagonist in Fuck Asparagus: The Musical would have to adore asparagus above all other vegetables.

altarsex said: i personally do not like asparagus. i used to, when i was a kid, because my mom told me they were trees. but i think that quinn and rachel dislike asparagus because it's nasty and it has nothing on artichoke!!

While I agree that artichokes are amazing, I am also a huge fan of asparagus.  I suppose I find it odd that Rachel would dislike any vegetable because of her vegan lifestyle.  I mean, of course, vegans can like and dislike whatever they want, but generally all vegetables are welcomed with open arms.

Friday, June 1, 2012

From Diannascelery:

Here’s a download to “and isn’t this exactly where you’d like me”

I forgot that I had downloaded it to my phone a while ago and I just now found it. Enjoy! :)

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  This will appear on the Works page soon. :)