Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anonymous said: Hi! Ok, so this is the best possible place I can get a likely answer, and it's super obscure, but TMF once had recommended a fic that was Pezberry, that had a similar theme to ECFC. I remember her mentioning how it was like ECFC but done in a much more condensed, yet refined version. Do you by chance know this fic? Thank you for your help, I appreciate it!

Alright, so I kind of remember what you are talking about, but I’m not sure exactly what story she was referring to.  I want to say that she was talking about The Mating Game, but I only half-paid attention to Pezberry stuff back then so, that’s iffy.  

Does anyone else have a clearer memory?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Eights and Tens blog-only excerpts?

Now that the published full chapters 1-11 are gathered (yay!), does anyone happen to have any of the brief posts that TMF posted on tumblr from future chapters? Especially the body swap episode and part where Claire admits that kissing Nicole in Jackson’s body is way hotter than just kissing Jackson, and that kissing Jackson in Nicole’s body is, like, heaven….

From Seriouslyaskew.

Yes, these.  Does anyone have these?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sleepy-scarecrow Submitted:

I don’t suppose you have any leads on chapter 10 of Eights and Tens do you? It’s killing my perfectionist side having 1-9 and 11 but not 10.


Nope. I never have any leads on anything.  Things just appear in my email or inbox, and then I put them in the dropbox.

With that said, I totally understand the annoyance in not having Chapter 10, and I am sure others do too.  Maybe someone in the vast world of the Internet can help us out?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 Saturday, November 24, 2012

aurora771 said: Finished reading AoCC for the 4th time. Pains me how there will never be an ending. I used to come home from work to read the chapters of AoCC, when they were updated daily. I'm also annoyed at myself for not saving excerpts from tmf's tumblr about Quinn and Finn after they swapped back. I have about 30 or 40 deadlinks of various excerpts/oneshots. Useless now... Anyway, just the way things are :)

I know, right?  That universe was so expansive and detailed, and despite having a good chunk of AoCC, I really think we only have a fraction of what TMF had developed—including but certainly not limited to the stuff she had published through her tumblr.

It’s funny though.  The one thing I’ve learned through running this blog is that TMF’s work could be anywhere.  Eventually someone who reads this very post may have actually saved all of those excerpts and oneshots, and eventually they may shoot me an email or an ask with download links.  I mean, it’s happened on more than one occasion with other works—why not AoCC?

In the meantime…I know those feels, bro.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Head Over To The Dropbox NOW For:


And the whole Dropbox is here.

Thanks to Seriouslyaskew for the batch of new PDFs and to Alex for the ECFC Compilations!  Thank you both so much!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Anonymous said: Does tmf still have a tumblr or anything?

Nope. :(

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I’ve Been Trying to Reach You - Song list

yeah yeah yeahs - maps
marvin gaye - ain’t no mountain high enough
adele - rolling in the deep
etta james - at last
glee cast - hello
pretty girls make graves - the get away
the get up kids - shorty
fiona apple - oh well
sleater-kinney - one beat
the kills - no wow (mstrkrft remix)
sonic youth - chapel hill
fall out boy - tiffany blews
hard-fi - hard to beat
the get up kids - forgive and forget (red letter day ep version)
rooney - when did your heart go missing?
glee cast - somebody to love (bieber)
jay-z - my 1st song
thrice - silhouette
sunny day real estate - every shining time you arrive 
metric - i.o.u
ben folds five - brick
stars - your ex-lover is dead
paramore - miracle (2010 live outro)

the sounds - tony the beat
metric - glass ceiling
the joy formidable - austere
fall out boy - w.a.m.s
nada surf - blankest year
joy zipper - 1
foo fighters - i’ll stick around
matthew good band - running from home
nine inch nails - eraser
panic! at the disco - there’s a good reason these tables are numbered…
paramore - pressure
hole - violet
metric - collect call
rilo kiley - a better son/daughter
jeff buckley - lover, you should have come over
the ataris - i.o.u. one galaxy
girls aloud - teenage dirtbag (wheatus cover)
kelly clarkson - since u been gone
dashboard confessional - a plain morning
sleater-kinney - oh!
the get up kids - valentine
elton john  - your song
sara bareilles - gravity

interpol - evil
casette kids - spin
phoenix - 1901
the wombats - kill the director
cold war kids - mine is yours
the cab - i’ll run
yeah yeah yeahs - maps (acoustic/strings version)
queens of the stone age - go with the flow
the cab - can you keep a secret
rem - shiny happy people
katy perry - firework
weezer and hayley williams - rainbow connection
the cab - another me
fall out boy - xo OR of all the gin joints in all the world
paramore - all i wanted
the killers - jenny was a friend of mine
death cab for cutie - you are a tourist
letters to cleo - fast way
sunny day real estate - disappear
rilo kiley - pictures of success
muse - starlight
bloc party - this modern love

Saturday, August 25, 2012

There’s 100 of you.

This is just insane.

I know I haven’t been on much and all that, but my goodness you guys.  I find it so cool that a fanblog to a fic writer could get 100 followers.  It really is just a testament to TMF’s abilities and works.

I want to thank everyone who has contributed so far to the content of this blog!  It would honestly be nothing without all of you!


I want to encourage all of you (whether you have contributed before or not) to post something!  I don’t care if it’s fan art or fanmixes—or even simply puking all of your TMF feels into the submit box.  Just go!

Again, this is crazy.  You guys are awesome.

Friday, July 20, 2012

How bad, really, is the loss of TMF to the fandom?

I suspect it’s increasingly hard for any Glee fanfic writer to continue to write — I definitely have no motivation to continue/ complete my half-finished ideas. If you extend that thought, it’s unlikely that TMF, having broken away so neatly, will ever write Glee fanfic again — and that is an extremely depressing idea to digest.

I’ve been trying to put this in perspective after a re-reading marathon which included a week of just reading ECFC over and over again…

I guess it’s not as bad as Achele being the broke-ass non-event that it turned out to be (but not by much).

Definitely much worse than Glee turning into what it has — well turned into (which is, well, shit).

I think it says a lot when a single fanfic writer is — by miles — far more important than the entire fucking show…