Wednesday, July 11, 2012

seekingoutfriday answered your question: Question Time.

I absolutely adored her friendship Quinntana (especially in ECFC) but couldn’t get into it romantically. I’m very picky about that pairing.

Since this is an attempt at discussion, would you care to elaborate? :D

Picky in what ways?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Seekingoutfriday Submitted:

Within Glee, characters have had to state if they are gay or straight. So far, those characters have been: Brittany, Santana, Karofsky, Sebastian, Kurt, Blaine, Finn, Puck, Sam, Will, Sue, and Beiste. Out of the main students, the only ones which have not outright said an orientation have been Quinn, Rachel, Artie, Mike, and Tina. And with Quinn’s insane and inconsistent  characterization anyway, it is much easier for fanon to interpret canonical scenes and then label her gay. Also, Santana went from bisexual one episode (she out right said she is attracted to men and women) and then next episode she is full out gay. 
Since Glee writer’s don’t even know their own characters, it’s impossible for fandom to correctly know them as well. So, basically, if people want to claim Quinn as gay because of interpretation of canonical scenes (like I personally do) cool. If not, there are canonical scenes to prove that as well. 
Internet is awesome which allows us to do that. 

Just spouting random stuff.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

seekingoutfriday said: Basically agree with Kitfah about season 3, and your coloring book metaphor was fantastic.


Friday, June 29, 2012

seekingoutfriday answered your question: Question Time.

In ECFC, that is exactly how I wanted Brittana to go in season 2 and on (especially in the Brittany interlude).

I haven’t read that interlude yet.  I will later tonight though and I am very excited!

Seekingoutfriday Said:

"Overall, in the show, I was not for Brittana at all. I didn’t see Santana as a lesbian (I still think that story line should have gone for Quinn). The whole romantic relationship was taken because of a throwaway line in season one. As of right now, I don’t mind them, but I want Santana with someone smarter. If Brittana stays together, cool. If they break up, that’s fine, too."


Dearest Lindsey,

You understand me.



But really, this is how I personally feel about Brittana.


I found myself getting really angry at the way TMF handled Santana ending things with Brittany in the first part of ECFC.  See here.

P.S. Lindsey, you don’t have to look at the link. You’ve read everything already.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

This Kiss by poetzprom

Actually, ANYTHING by poetzproblem.

Submitted by Seekingoutfriday.


Friday, June 8, 2012

seekingoutfriday said: Personal answers to questions raised earlier: Only fandomsTMF wrote for. Aaaand... completed only? Also, she wasn't angsty all the time lol just a lot. So, just personally, anything with great characterization and engaging story.

So just Glee and Skins, but basically just Glee because I don’t know anything about Skins.  (It’s on my To Watch list though.)  And just completed works.  Okay.

Does this sound agreeable to everyone else?  (Come on, man, there are 44 of you lol)

seekingoutfriday answered your question: About the Fic Rec page.

What if we take a vote on the fics?

Like…people could nominate fics to be put on the list?

That would be a lovely idea if this were a huge blog that received tons of activity, but for our purposes, I don’t think it would work on this blog’s scale.

However, I am open to fic recs for the fic rec page.  Just without the voting part.

But what do you think about the questions I raised earlier?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

seekingoutfriday said: So I didn't know there was a preview to the AoCC sequel. And now I just read it. And my heart hurt cuz I really really want the whole thing. And all of AoCC finished. My fanfic life is seriously not complete without those.


I know, it’s really horrible, isn’t it?

I want AoCC and I want the sequel more than I think appropriate given that it’s fanfiction.  But it’s like TMF’s works are like perfect Glee—and when I say Glee, I mean Glee characters.  Not because everything is unicorns and rainbows, but because everything makes sense.

I miss things making sense.

Ugh.  T. M. F.

Friday, June 1, 2012

seekingoutfriday said: SOooo, I'm having issues downloading Assured of Certain Certainties. Any followers know how to do that? I'm technologically in-advanced.

Issues like how?

I mean, I know there is a lot of random crap on the webpage, so it does look kind of confusing.

It should be as simple as clicking the link, clicking “slow download”, clicking the blue “download file” button, and then clicking the generated link. 

It’s kind of a run-around, but that should be it.

I just downloaded it a second time just to make sure, and it worked for me.