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Did she WRITE the fic or RECOMMENDED it? Because I know she recommended Leftlanden’s “Santana Lopez Can, In Fact, Do Anything” series. The first few stories are Pezberry. However, the last huge story is Faberry. Btw, I rec this author, too.

Whoa, yeah okay, my bad.  Anon did say that she recommended the story, not that she wrote it.  This is my fault for muddling the message.  Sorry!

So, Anon, are you thinking of Santana Lopez Can, In Fact, Do Anything (and related sequels)? Or is it something else?

Friday, July 20, 2012

seekingoutfriday said: I don't hate the Hunger Games story either! We're all just full of love haha

Like I said before: None of us actually hate these stories.  We just don’t like them as much as we like the others.  But we still like them a lot.

seekingoutfriday said: Hit right in the gut! Ah! The person didn't like "Quinn married Finn" fic which is my favorite! Lots of sadness right now. Oh well, it's only fair. I went after their favorite story. All is fair in love and fanfiction.

After all, that is the nature of discussion. Haha

I mean, but let’s be honest:  We love anything and everything TMF writes wrote.

seekingoutfriday said: I would sacrifice all things for a complete AoCC!

seekingoutfriday said: This question could be bad. And start a war. But I shall answer anyway. The Hunger Games fic I wasn't WOO about. I don't like crossovers at all, and I'm not a fan of AU. It takes a lot for me to be engaged in AU stories, and I think TMF did a lot better job with her other AU stories than the Hunger Games/Glee fic. Not to say it was badly written, because it wasn't. It just wasn't my cup of tea.

You are a very brave soul.

Because you stepped forward, I will return the bravery.

I must admit that if I had to pick my least favorite…it would be I’ve Been Trying to Reach You for similar reasons.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the story, but in a ideal world, I would sacrifice IBTTRY for a complete AoCC or ECFC XI, you know?  

Anyone else feeling brave?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

seekingoutfriday said: Haha I liked how you compared it to TSS, because I was the one who didn't think Faberry would end up together in the long run. Anyhoo, fleshed out characters are good. It's needed. It just can't seem toooo OOC. I dunno. I'd just have to actually read a fic like that and see (aside from the oneshots I like, which you already know about.)

Truthfully, I’m still undecided about Faberry ending up together in the long run, post-TSS.  Haha!

I think the challenge with writing fleshed out Quinntana is that the context isn’t really there.  With Faberry, there’s the whole subtext route.  With Pezberry, there are several instances that could support subtext as well.  But with Quinntana, there’s just a lot of cattiness.  Yes, there are a few moments of sincere friendship, but seemingly not enough to construct a context that goes beyond lust.

Because of that, the writer would then be flying blind with romantic characterization.  How much is too much OOC when you don’t know what in-character romantic Quinntana is like to begin with?  It’s not impossible, but it would take a lot of discipline.

seekingoutfriday said: (continuation of message just sent) So basically, for me to read Quinntana, it has to be super emotional and psychological and about two incredibly messed up people coming together and just creating an even bigger mess. They would not be a happy couple.

I think a lot of people could say that about the Faberry dynamic—TMF included.

I mean, look at TSS.  I think one could easily summarize that story as “super emotional and psychological and about two incredibly messed up people coming together and just creating an even bigger mess.”  The only difference I can see is the role of both participants’ guilt in their dynamic, pushing them both to work towards a (sort of) more functional relationship.

However, who is to say a further fleshed out Quinntana dynamic could not provided the same catalyst?

Seekingoutfriday Submitted:

I’m picky because I personally can not see them in a functional, healthy romantic relationship. There is a reason people call them frenemies. They are characters who will stab each other in the back (As we have seen) for their personal gain and then be sweet to them the next day. A relationship would be highly dysfunctional and all push and pull with no compromise. They would tear each other down, build each other back up, and then the cycle would continue. In fics that have them in romantic relationships lose the characters’ intense pride, selfishness and fire and turn them into saps, usually. Not that Santana and Quinn can’t have sappy moments, but all in all, that is not them together. 
So in my Quintanna headcanon, they would ruin each other and not even know how it happened. Two HBIC - that would be a disastrous relationship. 
Friendship it could work because it is a different type of dependency and dynamic, which is why I think it works in ECFC, but elsewhere, it’s hard for me to read.  
Just me personally anyway .