Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From Neridreams:

(I’m not brilliant at reading between the lines, so forgive me here.) I think they worked it out partially in therapy, obviously it was a good starting point for them both. But I feel they wouldn’t last. At least, not when the story ends. Personally, I feel they would break up because things were moving too fast for them both, and they needed to find themselves without eachother. If that even makes sense, lol? But as soon as they got ‘better’ (having to due with therapy) they were just straight up in each others business.

…So to make a long submit a bit shorter - I don’t see them working out, at the end of TSS. I’d give them a few months, then a couple of years of finding themselves -again- now they’re dealing with their issues, and then possibly figuring something out. That’s my feels on the ending of TSS anyway.

(But I love the ending still, I mean, still so happy it didn’t turn from broken & broken into BABIES EVERYWHERE)