Friday, February 14, 2014

Anonymous said: re: AoCC -- there was never talk re: legal repercussions for QiF's actions. the fic was looking at the *moral* implications of the deception Quinn committed (with Finn's blessing, initially) -- and on how much intent does, or should, matter in judging whether Quinn's choices were right/wrong. anyway, actual spoilers: [cont]

Shelby & Beth return, causing Rachel to freak out and QiF to click with her in ways Finn could not have; FiQ comes out to Judy, Santana becomes a real friend to Q; post-swap Rachel finally realizes what was going on, punches Quinn, says she never wants to see her again; Quinn either wants to or tries to kill herself again, Sam talks her through it; the end was just flat-out depressing for all parties. (this was all posted in an outline on tumblr at some point btw!)

Fantastic!  Thank you for sharing what you remember. :)

I remember that outline and that’s where most of what I remember came from, but, as we can see, I couldn’t remember all of it.  Now, if only someone had saved that outline in its entirety….dang.

Thank you again!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Hey! Did Tumfs ever write about what might have happened in AoCC? I just finished rereading it and wow it left off at really tense time. I remember reading that she initially intended to have 3 parts to the story, but I’m hazy on any/all details (if there were details)…

This post is where I racked my brain for any details I could recall about AoCC and it’s proposed sequel(s).  It’s not much, so if you can remember anything more or different, let me know.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

aurora771 said: Finished reading AoCC for the 4th time. Pains me how there will never be an ending. I used to come home from work to read the chapters of AoCC, when they were updated daily. I'm also annoyed at myself for not saving excerpts from tmf's tumblr about Quinn and Finn after they swapped back. I have about 30 or 40 deadlinks of various excerpts/oneshots. Useless now... Anyway, just the way things are :)

I know, right?  That universe was so expansive and detailed, and despite having a good chunk of AoCC, I really think we only have a fraction of what TMF had developed—including but certainly not limited to the stuff she had published through her tumblr.

It’s funny though.  The one thing I’ve learned through running this blog is that TMF’s work could be anywhere.  Eventually someone who reads this very post may have actually saved all of those excerpts and oneshots, and eventually they may shoot me an email or an ask with download links.  I mean, it’s happened on more than one occasion with other works—why not AoCC?

In the meantime…I know those feels, bro.

Friday, June 8, 2012

AoCC through chapter 65 now in the dropbox.

Here.  It’s mobi format.  I’ll still keep the pdf in the Works page.  Send your thanks to mauvilandia!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Anonymous said: Would you mind telling us what exactly are the missing TMF works? I may have a lot of files from the author, but they may be the ones that are still available on archiveofourown. thanks! awesome tumblr, btw.

Well, as far as I know, the only things TMF deleted were things she never intended on finishing, so that consists of The Mating Game (Part 11 of ECFC), Assured of Certain Certainties, Greet Death, A Thousand Julys (Sequel to IBTTRY) and that Quinntana story she was messing around with.  

We have links posted for The Mating Game and AoCC (up to Chapter 64), so now we are only missing Greet Death, A Thousand Julys, and the Quinntana story.  Truth be told, however, I’m pretty resigned to never finding A Thousand Julys because that was deleted more than a year ago.  I would be really surprised if anyone has that.  It should also be noted that there are more than 65 chapters of AoCC floating around the internet.  The link, although extensive and awesome because it’s a pdf, only goes up to 64.

So if you have any part of the works we don’t have, or if you have anything to add to what we already have of AoCC, sharing would be very much appreciated! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 Friday, May 18, 2012

14sarah said: fyi - copyrights are established at the time the "work" is created in a tangible medium, even if the items are never registered or labeled with the ©. Fanfiction is more of a gray area, meaning the story belongs to the author even if the characters do not.

Well, see, that clears everything up.  Bearing that in mind, I would not feel comfortable circulating download links of AoCC or any of the other unfinished works.

From Neridreams:

"Y’know, on one hand I think this is kinda cool. On the other, I’m just not so sure. Can’t really tell you why - however… I’m a huge TMF fan. Huge, seriously, probably as big as the lot of you ;p I’m still devastated that she left the fandom - not as much because the stories won’t be finished, but because I quite honestly loved her snarky and extremly witty blog. I wonder though, if someone DID have AoCC or anything else saved on their computer as a PDF or w/e - would it be ‘legal’ to share it? I mean, it’s still her work so… I know it’s fanfiction, but still, I’m just wondering here."

Valid points.

For one thing, part of me feels like this is kind of….I dunno….weird too.  I mean, this is a fanblog of a fandom writer who isn’t even active anymore.  Personally, I definitely don’t want to come across as a creeper or something.  But this blog isn’t about gossiping or…other creepy things (wow, I am articulate today)—it’s about appreciating a talented person.  From what I remember from TMF’s blogging is that she really enjoyed it when people really looked at her work critically because she took the act of writing it seriously.  And when she left, people felt that loss, as weird as it seems.  So I hope this blog functions as a place for people to talk about these works from both a sentimental and critical standpoint.  Send your feels, send your analysis—it’s all welcome here.

As far as the legality issue of circulating TMF’s essentially “unreleased” work, this is pretty much a gray area.  I mean, I honestly can’t remember if she has a general copyright on her work or not.  (It was either her or Dylan Hart or maybe both, I really can’t remember.)  If she did have a general copyright on her work, then I think that does cover unauthorized circulation as well as other types of general theft.  So yeah, passing along downloads would be illegal in the sense that it would be infringing on intellectual property.  

I do remember, however, that she encouraged people to download stuff before she deleted it at one point.  I suppose that was only supposed to extend to personal usage?  Maybe?  Was that not supposed to function as a life-preserver for those works to continue circulating on the internet in the event of her resignation from the fandom?  That’s what I took at as, but this submission is making me second guess that.

Now I feel all weird about potential download links….ugh.  My head is telling me “NO” but my AoCC deprived body is telling me “Yesssss”.


Any other thoughts on this?

Anonymous said: Do you have a download link for the stories that are not online anymore (like AoCC). I'm sure some people must have it on PDF somewhere, it would be awesome of them to share!

I wish!  

Unfortunately, I do not have a download link for the incomplete stories.  I know that TMF made all of her works available for download when she moved everything exclusively to Ao3, but I didn’t think to download anything then.

I’m sure someone else must have though, and maybe if they see this, they’ll share!  That would be really nice!