Sunday, September 15, 2013

madnessinthemusic said: I remember one time I found a dropbox link with the small part of ATJ that tmf did finish, though I couldn't give you it. I had it bookmarked before my computer crashed.

Well, there very well could be more of ATJ, but, if I remember correctly, I think that may only be about to eight complete chapters at most.

But you know, new links to TMF stuff pop up all the time, so maybe that dropbox will turn up again.

Also, I am very sorry that your computer crashed! :(

Friday, September 13, 2013

Anonymous said: Hi, is there a full link to a thousand julys? Or is it just 5 chapters? :(

It’s only five chapters, and I don’t even think I have chapter 4. :(

The only thing I could offer you is the story outline here.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Anonymous said: Would you mind telling us what exactly are the missing TMF works? I may have a lot of files from the author, but they may be the ones that are still available on archiveofourown. thanks! awesome tumblr, btw.

Well, as far as I know, the only things TMF deleted were things she never intended on finishing, so that consists of The Mating Game (Part 11 of ECFC), Assured of Certain Certainties, Greet Death, A Thousand Julys (Sequel to IBTTRY) and that Quinntana story she was messing around with.  

We have links posted for The Mating Game and AoCC (up to Chapter 64), so now we are only missing Greet Death, A Thousand Julys, and the Quinntana story.  Truth be told, however, I’m pretty resigned to never finding A Thousand Julys because that was deleted more than a year ago.  I would be really surprised if anyone has that.  It should also be noted that there are more than 65 chapters of AoCC floating around the internet.  The link, although extensive and awesome because it’s a pdf, only goes up to 64.

So if you have any part of the works we don’t have, or if you have anything to add to what we already have of AoCC, sharing would be very much appreciated! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

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 gizzilicious answered your questionWhich TMF story is your favorite and why?

AoCC, TSS, IBTTRY and it’s supposed sequel ATJ. :(

OH GOD I FORGOT ABOUT A THOUSAND JULYS  (It was Julys, wasn’t it? Like I said, I forgot.)  MAN.  I bet no one has that. :(

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