Friday, June 1, 2012

fallintolife said: two things: first, my favorite line of TSS is and always will be, "are you fucking the onion?" and second, in regards to whether or not Faberry will last post-TSS, I don't have enough information to confidently say. I feel as though we needed to see more of them. they had been together less than a year, and while they made it separately through huge stresses, those weren't as a couple, which is the real test.

What a classic line!  TMF, a true genius. :)

It’s true—the majority of the crises Quinn and Rachel go through in the story are not together as a couple, but as separate parties.  Both parties provide support, but they are not acting as a conventional unit.  It does call into question whether or not they would be capable of overcoming obstacles as such.  Interesting indeed.


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