Tuesday, May 29, 2012

seekingoutfriday said: Continuation... Furthermore, they would need to find another significant other - one who doesn't know their emotional baggage and one who would not bring it out or try to control it either. Quinn needs to be in control, but that needs to break, and Rachel wouldn't ever allow that, no matter how much therapy she went to. And Rachel would need someone whom she wasn't so desperately seeking approval from. All, they broke eachother and saved each other, but they would not last. IMO.

So you feel that they would be better off with someone who acted as a sort of independent party—completely separate from their past—than each other.

A very valid point, considering that they do use the past to hurt/control each other.  However, do you think either of them would ever truly be comfortable with someone else?  I mean, it took a lot for them to open up to each other.  Perhaps it would take even more to open up to a relative “stranger”.  Or it could take less.  It could go either way.

(Damn it, I published before I got the second part.)