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May 11

threescoremilesandten said: are tmf and sivim27 the same person? because I've seen some stuff about transatlanticism that credits it to sivim27, as well as some other skins fic (either/or, knives don't have your back, fate is overgrown).

You know, I have no idea.  I’ve never gotten around to watching Skins, so I don’t know anything about sivim27 or their fic.  She could be?  Really only someone who followed her from the Skins fandom to the Glee fandom could know…I guess?  Can someone clear this up?

Anonymous said: hi, i was looking at your dropbox and i noticed that access to a lot of downloads has apparently been disabled?

Hello!  Firstly, sorry about that!  Dropbox has changed the way they share folders making it more about sharing them with individuals than with the public.

For that reason, I have moved everything onto a Google Drive.  Everything should work fine from there.

Secondly, thank you for bringing that to my attention. :)

Apr 19

a-quiet-soul said: Can anyone help me finding Effy's version of "transatlanticism"? i have been trying to find it for so long.

Can anyone help this poor soul out?  I have no idea. :(

brittanyye said: Not sure if my previous question worked, i'm kind of stupid with tumblr, anyway this was what tumfs wrote to me forever ago. i(.)imgur(.)com/avpsgIP(.)png

Thank you so much for sharing this. :)

Anonymous said: Hi, I haven't known Tumfs for a long time but I think she (?) used to published skins fics on fanfiction net. Would you happen to know if there are any other skins fic besides the ones up on AO3? Thanks!

I think she did, yes.  However, I never really have been a part of the Skins fandom (mainly because I haven’t had a chance to watch it), so I can’t say for sure because I was never really concerned with those fics.  I do remember TMF taking down some Skins fics for very specific reasons when she “left” the Skins fandom, but it’s a very vague memory, so I have assume what’s on AO3 is all the fic that there is.  If not, maybe a follower can help you out. :)

Answering some messages/doing some maintenance since I finally have the time.  Sorry I have been neglecting you guys!

MORE IMPORTANTLY, we’ve hit over 200 followers!  How crazy!  I appreciate you all, so much, and I am so pleased that you all appreciate TMF.  Makes me smile. 

Feb 14

Anonymous said: re: AoCC -- there was never talk re: legal repercussions for QiF's actions. the fic was looking at the *moral* implications of the deception Quinn committed (with Finn's blessing, initially) -- and on how much intent does, or should, matter in judging whether Quinn's choices were right/wrong. anyway, actual spoilers: [cont]

Shelby & Beth return, causing Rachel to freak out and QiF to click with her in ways Finn could not have; FiQ comes out to Judy, Santana becomes a real friend to Q; post-swap Rachel finally realizes what was going on, punches Quinn, says she never wants to see her again; Quinn either wants to or tries to kill herself again, Sam talks her through it; the end was just flat-out depressing for all parties. (this was all posted in an outline on tumblr at some point btw!)

Fantastic!  Thank you for sharing what you remember. :)

I remember that outline and that’s where most of what I remember came from, but, as we can see, I couldn’t remember all of it.  Now, if only someone had saved that outline in its entirety….dang.

Thank you again!

Feb 12

akichimihito said: Hey, I was just browsing around when I found this. Do you guys know anything about her original story that she worked on way back when called Inhibitions? That was really awesome and I hoped she was going to continue but she disappeared so I don't know if that ended too or not. Mostly just curious.

The first chapter is here, but that’s about it. I thought I had more, but I guess not.  I hope she continued it, but there’s no way of knowing at this point. :(

Feb 11


Hey! Did Tumfs ever write about what might have happened in AoCC? I just finished rereading it and wow it left off at really tense time. I remember reading that she initially intended to have 3 parts to the story, but I’m hazy on any/all details (if there were details)…

This post is where I racked my brain for any details I could recall about AoCC and it’s proposed sequel(s).  It’s not much, so if you can remember anything more or different, let me know.

Feb 04

Anonymous said: the original 'and isn't this' was written sometime in june or july, i think. i don't know if it was ever posted on ffnet or just to tumblr. the rewrite took place in nov/dec 2011.

Thank you for filling in the blanks!  Hope that helps the other anon. :)