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List of TMF Recommended Works

Send all your love and thanks to bookworm1880 for compiling this list.  Her disclaimer: “I am not responsible for any tears these might make you cry. Blame tmf, the master of our pain, for reccommending them first.”

INC will be next to unfinished works.

Acceptance/Rememberence (Finchel, Unrequited Faberry) and

Alone Together (mostly gen, side Faberry)

Beers and Strippers (Faberry) INC

leftlanden’s I Tell The Stars Each Night universe (Pezberry, ends Faberry/Brittana), starts at 

Thunder, Clap Us Open (Brittana/Quinntana) INC

Undeniable (Faberry) INC

Variations On A Theme Of Inebriated Hook Ups (Faberry)

when all that you touch tumbles down (Faberry) 

NOTE: this is an RP. The fanfiction link only shows their longer “chapter” encounters. For the full experience, check out the tumblrs notthatcheerio and berryfunnygirl.

Uluare Cactus (Faberry)

All Up the Seething Coast (Faberry)

Kingdom Up For Sale (Fabrevans friendships) (She does a variety of Glee ships, find what you like)

Notably: On That Dizzy Edge

A Family of Trees (Faberry)

Alien (Faberry)

Special (gen super hero, too many ships to list)

Untitled (Quinn/Rachel!breathplay) NOTE: This is one of tmf’s most highly recommended fics, in her own words, because it perfectly conceptualizes her version of Quinn.

Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned (Pezbery) NOTE: This is PWP. TMF reccommended it because Santana is a demon and Rachel is a nun and, as she put it, “I don’t see how you could not want to read it based on that alonel.”

You’ll Never Get The Best Of Me (…Never Again) (Quinntana)

The Lies We Were Never Told Much (Fuinn)

Remember Me However You Want Me To (Fuinn)

The Mirror Has Two Faces (St. Berry) This is amusing/crackfic PWP.

The Room Just Won’t Shine (Fuinn)

To Be Heard (N/A) NOTE: This series revolves around a transgender character’s struggle. TMF reccommended it because the author handles everything so well.

I Wish I Was A Photograph (N/A, Quinn focused)

The Way Back Home Is Always Long (Pezberry)

The Thought of Us (Pezberry)

All The Noise Died Away by only_because3

Other Works You Might Enjoy

Most things by Poetzproblem

Notably, the Don’t Blink Series, This Kiss, and Devolution.

These works are well thought out and well written.  Sometimes angst will kill you and other times, you will be laughing your ass off.