1.  Who is TMF?

TMF aka Tumfs aka Thememoriesfire was a really fantastic fanfiction writer. (Although, ANYTHING she wrote/writes/will write is surely fantastic as well.)  She wrote mostly for the Glee fandom and everything she did was extremely well written.  She also had really distinct opinions and she used to provide very witty commentary on all things Glee.

2.  Why is TMF such a big deal?

This blog came about because when TMF left the fandom, people were really upset by it.  In part because a few WIP stories were never going to be finished, and in part because they missed TMF’s contribution to the fandom in general.

This blog was created as a place for fans of TMF’s work to come together.  A place to share opinions and stories and music and all different kinds of things.  It might end up like a book club, or it might just turn into a lovefest.  Who knows?

But really, it’s just a place to show a little bit of love for a talented individual who deserves to know how much her work is appreciated.

3.  Where can I find Assured of Certain Certainties/The Mating Game/Some other work not listed on the works page?

Assured of Certain Certainties (up to chapter 64) can be found here.

The Mating Game can be found here.

If you or someone you know has information on how to acquire any of the other unfinished works, hit up the ask or submit box! Any good links will be posted here and in the Works section of this blog.

Until then, hang out here.  We know your feels, bro.

Message From TMF