Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Anonymous said: hi, again, (yes, same anon) so now that TMF has completely destroyed my ability to deal with below-par faberry fic, do you wonderful, helpful people have other writers (faberry, preferably) that have affected you all in the same way or comparably? there's so much CRAP out there. and now i'm ruined. (also, must be said, only watched Glee a few times and was never part of the fandom, but there's omething about this pairing that's completely delicious.

Hello again!

There’s actually a page of this blog devoted to fics TMF recommended while she was around here. A lot of it’s Faberry, but it covers a bunch of Glee ships.

That should definitely get you started. :)

Anonymous said: Do you happen to remember what urls tmf had? I was going down a weird little memory lane and realised I couldn't remember. It's been forever since I thought about it but it's weirdly bugging me that i can't recall at all

Hmm…I just went through everything in my Drive, and these were the urls used.

  • Thememoriesfire
  • itsoverwithoutyou
  • tumfs

I feel like I’m missing…two…possibly. But maybe not.

Then there was her separate blog for Eights and Tens (url: eightsandtens), and she also had another page at allthisthatisDOTnet, but I don’t really know what that was about/this is where my knowledge fails.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

chiltongirlsdoitbetter replied to your post “chiltongirlsdoitbetter replied to your post: “okay, since the world…”

*Highfives* (this is bookworm1880, in case you didn’t realize. A couple urls later. :P)

lol hey there! I like that you always let me know when you change things. :)

Yes, agreed. It’s so weird because before I started ECFC, I had never really felt invested in Brittana (I mean, it’s nice and I don’t dislike it, but…yeah). But because of the beginning of ECFC I had this huge problem with (spoiler alert? but not really because Pezberry) Brittana breaking up and had so many feelings just because of the way TMF wrote the whole thing. It’s just amazing what she can do.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Anonymous said: okay, since the world TMF created with TSS was so unbelievably compelling (and i'm talking about all drafts and iterations) i am now completely obessed with the dynamic between quinn and rachel. How can I possibly make the switch to her other epic that centers on santana and rachel? i truly want to let go and enjoy it but i'm having trouble letting go of the deep place tmf took us all to in TSS.help a sister out? opinions? thoughts?

I get this.

I mean, I basically had the same issue. I read TSS and was like, “Yup. This is it. No other fic can compare.” And so, for a very long time, I didn’t even consider reading ECFC—especially since it dealt with pairings I was not particularly partial to.

But here’s the thing: When I started this blog, people would want to talk to me about ECFC, some referring to it as her “master work” (if their can be such a thing). So I found myself in this position where I had to trust that ECFC was going to be just as satisfying and fascinating and compelling as TSS, and just go for it. Because, honestly, how could I run a TMF appreciation blog without reading ECFC?

With this said, I read TSS and ECFC about a year or so apart. I had also went through and read a lot of TMF’s smaller stories at this point which kind of took me out of the TSS mindset.

Still, I found parts of ECFC frustrating because I was not used to reading Quinn straight and basically wanted Faberry to happen even though I knew it wouldn’t (but can you blame me?).

But bottom line: you’ve got to trust, not only that ECFC is good and will be enjoyable, but that it will take you to just as deep of a place as TSS, if not deeper because of how much more thorough and complete ECFC is as a story in comparison to TSS. 

(When you do start reading it: I actually wrote chapter reactions on my personal blog after an Anon requested it, if you’re interested.)

(Also, not that it matters, but is this the same Anon from yesterday?)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Anonymous said: is tmf anywhere at all on the internet? under a different name? writing a novel? available by email? TSS is probably the best fanfic i've ever read.

As far as I know, the answer to all of your questions is no.  I mean, I would think/hope that she’s writing something because, yeah, she’s pretty amazing, but…there’s no way to know. :/

Monday, July 28, 2014

It  has been confirmed that Dianna Agron will be playing Sarah Barton in Natalia Leite’s upcoming feature film, Bare. (x) and (x)

(Source: jennception)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

kaayyeahs said: I never understood why tmf thought Lea was into anal sex

Maybe because Lea’s so proud of her ass?  Haha, I dunno.  I never really got that either.  Anybody else have any thoughts?

Monday, June 2, 2014